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Hi, my name is Ray Long &

I've been a geek forever.

Since I was a little kid I adored all things geeky and pop culture.

For decades I lived on the geeky side of culture absorbing all the hopeful visions of a sci-fi future to the smashing adventures found in comic books, movies and TV.

I've turned my geek lifestyle and interests into a dream job as a game designer. I began in tabletop game design and have worked on mobile, Facebook and PC games for over a decade working with such companies as Disney, Pixar, Sony and more.

the geek
the gamer
The mission


From the domestic middle of nowhere to the international middle of nowhere.

I grew up in the Central Valley of California amongst the farms and suburbs slowly devouring the fiction and science sections of every library I cast my eyes upon.


After 40+ years in California, including a 20 year stint in the

San Francisco Bay Area, I've moved to the beautiful island nation of New Zealand where I work as a game designer and producer for GameFix and other Ruby Play Partners.

 Surrounded by all this natural beauty I may even learn to relax between D&D sessions and obsessive game development.



While you were playing tic-tac-toe

I was writing an alternate rule set.

Games, games and more games!


Since I was a lil kid I've not just loved games but made
them since I before I could read.

Could a school project be turned into a game, I was there.
When the console wars heated up, I was there.
When a dungeon master is needed, I was there.

From tabletop to Atari to Commodore to Nintendo and beyond...
I was there...

And still am.

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