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Welcome to the GeekGamerGuy store.

Here you'll find original games and expansions designed by myself and play-tested here in lovely New Zealand. These games aren't made for profit, rather the funds stay in the store and is used to print future prototypes. Games fall into 2 main categories with more coming:

Drinking Games

One of our favorite past times here is having a good round or three with our mates. Drinking games are a great way to pass a stormy west coast day or while away the day during a good bbq.

D&D Supplements

I've been playing D&D and other tabletop rpgs for over 30 years. As a veteran dungeon master I'm always looking for creative ways to make the game move a bit faster and add a lil bit more flavor and fun. 



Card driven drinking game
Take your drinking games to the next level with Shots Fired. Leverage your hand of three cards to win the Play Card and make your opponents take a consume of their beverage.
You got the skills to put your friends under the table?
Shots Fired Main.jpg
Themed Playing Card Deck
The companion deck to the Shots Fired drinking game which is a fully functioning poker deck with two jokers. Every face card has a drink recipe. The deck is over-sized for ease of play while drinking.
Shots Fired Card Deck.jpg
D&D DM Supplement
The Deck of Seduction is an enhancement for Dungeons & Dragons making the act of seducing NPCs in-game easier and fun. Each card has several. gender-neutral, fantasy themed names, 3 different seduction check types and DCs as well as potential penalties and bonuses for a good time. This deck of 32 cards will add a slice of romance.
Seduction Deck.jpg
D&D DM Supplement
The Deck of Performance is a tabletop enhancer for Dungeons & Dragons. The next time an adventurer decides to make some coin performing at the tavern or royal party pull one of these cards and let the good times roll.Each card provides several details for running a quick, rewarding performance.
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